3x4 Watercolor Panels - Valentine

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Includes 4 black & white illustrations (3 pieces of each design), each printed on a 3" x 4" panel of heavyweight paper perfect for watercoloring.


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Coloring for adults is a growing trend, but as cardmakers, we've known the stress-relieving benefits of coloring for a long time! When you need a little color therapy, our new Watercolor Panels provide relaxation right out of the package!

The versatile 3" x 4" size is ideal for so many applications: focal points on handmade cards, gift tags, pocket scrapbooking, planner inserts, and so much more! And the small size makes them just right for coloring anytime - waiting in the carpool line or at the doctor's office, traveling in the car or on a plane, or just sitting with the family watching tv.