Share Joy Campaign

At the heart of Taylored Expressions is a mission to share joy by inspiring our customers live creatively. This is by no means an original idea. Since the first greeting cards were made and exchanged back in the 15th century, the making and giving of handmade cards has been the mission of a long line of creative people who intentionally share joy through the creation of these little bits of happiness. Those of you who make and share cards can certainly attest that it brings great joy to put a smile on someone's face with a work that you created by your own hands.

And so in keeping with our mission we launched our inaugural Share Joy campaign in July 2013. Our first phase provided hospital chaplains with handmade cards of encouragement and celebration that they can give to patients and their families. After just 6 weeks we collected over 600 cards from generous cardmakers around the world! Eric Johnson, Director of Spiritual Care at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, shared about the impact our Share Joy campaign had on one group of people in particular. Click here to read his letter. 

For the second phase of our Share Joy campaign we chose to work with two organizations serving the homeless: Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles) and Iowa Homeless Youth Centers (Des Moines). Jon (my husband) and I have been personally involved with each of these organizations over the last ten years. As a result, we have witnessed the powerful difference handmade cards can make in the lives of homeless youth and adults. Birthday cards, in particular, are very meaningful as Jon found out when working for Union Rescue Mission. To read about his experience, click here.  

In March 2015 we launched the third phase of our Share Joy campaign in which we partnered with the Spiritual Care Department of the Unity Point Health System in Des Moines. In the course of their work providing support to families whose loved ones pass away while in their care, the Spiritual Care team discovered that sending cards to families significantly improves their ability to grieve in healthy ways. Words of love and encouragement make a deep impact when they come on a hand-crafted card, so to assist the Spiritual Care team in their work we committed to providing them with as many Thinking of You cards as they needed. Together we set a goal of 1000 cards, and much to our amazement (and theirs!) over 2500 Thinking of You cards were donated!

Our newest Share Joy campaign kicked off in conjunction with TE's 10th birthday celebration! Learn more about the campaign and how you can participate by visiting this page.

We are extremely grateful and amazed by the generosity of card-makers around the world and look forward to continuing our mission together to share joy. 

For information on future Share Joy campaigns, please stay tuned to our e-newsletter for which you can sign up .