Water Media Mat by Waffle Flower

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The Water Media Mat by Waffle Flower is perfect for all types of papercrafting! Made of 100% silicone, the mat's smooth white surface is non-stick, waterproof and heat resistant, so it's easy to care for and clean. The large, indented work area can hold paper sized up to 9 x 12", or can be used as a mixing tray for watercolor, ink or other media. There are also 12 handy palette squares built in that are perfect for creating and mixing colors; guides for framing videos or other social media sharing; and a suction back that sticks to your table and will not rock, move or slide around.


10.75 x 11" overall; indented work area is 9 x 12"

100% silicone, lead-free, no chemical coating. Avoid sharp edges like pencils and knives. Some colors/pigments may stain the mat, but staining will not alter the properties of the mat.